Design to Code #1

UX, Webdesign, CMS, Code

I believe that every designer should know how to code. At least the basics, so he (or she) knows and understands the constraints of the canvas and are able to have intelligent conversations with developers. Yes, the web has become a lot more complicated and front-end coding has gone way beyond HTML and JavaScript.

The "modern web" and its canvas, have allowed libraries like Greensock, Fabric, Angular - just to name a few - to bring a "flash like" interactivity back to the browser, and it's unrealistic to imagine that designers should learn all of that - but they should be aware of the attributes of the medium they're designing for.

This page showcases a little bit of that - a designer digging into code and delivering a website that's plugged to an open source CMS, is responsive and generates thousands of organic visits to my client monthly.

Visit the site here.