More about Me

Creative Direction | UI/UX Design

Hi and welcome to my portfolio! My name is Jan (which is more like "Yahn" than "Jenn"), I have German citizenship (American too), was born in Colombia and raised in São Paulo, Brazil - where I spent most of my life. About seven years ago I moved with my wife to the US and now we seem to have finally settled here around Philly. Phew! My dreams are like United Nations security council meetings.

I have been a nerd forever, striving for pixel perfect designs, great user interfaces & clean code! I love tennis and am currently exploring new pursuits such as photography and skiing. Oh, and I'm a father of twin boys too - and it has been the best experience of my life!

Currently in love with the simplicity and beauty of Processwire CMS. Also, check this out, it's rather old but really cool (pls do it in a modern browser).